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Looking for a freelance copywriter, editor or content creator with communications know-how? I can support you in different areas of marketing and communication. 

Writing text

I can help you craft blog articles, newsletters, marketing copy, SEO copy or appealing and captivating website content. For the purpose to inform, seduce, inspire, engage, convince or sell. Short and powerful or more narrative (storyline). Dutch or English. Of course targeted to your audience and SEO-friendly. 

 Content creation

Behind every great brand is valuable and relevant content that resonates and connects with the company’s audience. Effective content marketing shapes and strengthens your brand by giving it a human face, which makes your brand more appealing, likeable and trustworthy. What distinguishes your brand from all the others? How do you turn it into a unique brand story that appeals to your target audience? I can assist your company with the content creation process: from building a content strategy to creating compelling content – whether written, photographed or videographed. The right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Communications advice

Having trouble reaching your target audience or positioning your product? Unsure of what brand story you can tell and how to consistently do this across all communication platforms? I can help you to create a clear strategy and plan, as well as to execute it successfully. With work experience in the Netherlands, Tanzania and South-Africa, I can also assist companies that operate internationally.   

Days of Work experience

written articles


Cups of coffee

Traditional Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar.
Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.

Robert Rose


I have built a diversified portfolio. The companies I worked for:

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

Oscar Wilde

About Ester

My name is Ester Noël Mentink, freelance copywriter, editor and content creator with 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and communication. Most of that time I have worked as an interim professional, which is a very satisfying way to work if you are curious, love variety and new challenges. By working for many different companies I have gained a broad work experience and knowledge. Writing has always been part of my life and career. I love to make words jump off the page and playing with language. I want to tell stories, captivate, clarify and inspire.

Apart from creating content, I’m passionate about travelling and discovering other cultures. I have often packed my bag and travelled around the world. 

From Australia to the United States and from Peru to South Africa. Travel has enriched my life and changed my perspective on the world. I fell in love with Africa: the purity and rawness, the hospitality of the people, the fascinating cultures and the vastness and beauty of nature. It inspires and makes me feel alive. After teaching English at a primary school in a township of Cape Town for several months, I started in 2015 a new adventure in Tanzania. As a freelance communications and marketing specialist I worked for an impact fund and helped many safari companies with their online marketing and content creation. After living and working for almost 5 years in the “ Safari Capital ” Arusha (Tanzania), I currently live in Cape Town (South Africa). 


Why I choose the African Acacia tree as my logo?
First of all because of my love for Africa. Secondly because the Acacia is a good metaphor for content creation. When you drive across the African savannah – as I did daily in Tanzania in recent years – the Acacia tree immediately catches your eye with its remarkable appearance. Unlike most trees, the Acacia has a flat canopy in the shape of an umbrella. As a result, it captures the maximum amount of light and provides shade for animals. The tree also stands out from the other trees with its strongly scented flowers and narrow feathery leaves.

To prevent animals from chewing all the tree bark and leaves, nature has given the Acacia tree an effective immune system: razor-sharp thorns and a bitter tasting tannin that is released as animals begin to eat the leaves. All these features of the African Acacia tree – distinctive, eye-catching, effective – are also the key criteria for successful content creation. Content that benefits your brand and adds value to it.


Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein


In my blogs I share travel tips and my experiences in Tanzania and South Africa. Tanzania is the country where I have lived and worked for five years. South Africa (Cape Town) is the place where my heart lies and where I currently live.


South Africa

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